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SlimeVR Full Body Tracker

Updated: May 22, 2021


How does it work?

SlimeVR FBT is a set of trackers and software that provide simple, effective tracking of the user’s body in VR and other applications. By using high-quality IMU sensors connected to PC over Wi-Fi, SlimeVR makes comfortable full-body tracking possible without wires, cameras, or base stations. Five trackers on the waist, thighs, and ankles track their rotation in space, then SlimeVR uses your proportions and headset position to calculate your joints, and tracks position using this info. In more technical terms, SlimeVR uses absolute orientation sensors and a skeleton model with user-entered proportions and forward kinematics to put virtual Vive trackers on key points. The base set of 5 trackers lets the user track their lower body (legs and waist), which is a physical area widely supported by VR games like VRChat. Other games like NeosVR, LIV, and more can track knees and chest using the same trackers. Additional trackers can be used to increase tracking to the users feet, elbows, chests, and full hands position.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Focused on Accessibility and Comfort

The main focus of this project is the user’s comfort. The sensors are lightweight and easy to wear, cannot be obscured, and provide a wide range of motion. Slime VR does not need cameras, other external sensors or base stations.

Open source design gives power to the VR community to expand on the SlimeVR ecosystem, create new devices, add compatibility with new software, and improve upon all aspects of the project in the future.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What Is SlimeVR Compatible With?

  • PC VR games with Full Body Tracking support such as:

  • VRChat

  • NeosVR

  • Blade & Sorcery

  • Streaming VR games with an avatar

  • Steam VR games

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features & Specifications

  • Native SteamVR support

  • 100 Hz refresh rate

  • Completely wireless, 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi

  • Over 15 hours of playtime with 1400 mAh battery

  • USB charging and hacking

  • Over-the-Air firmware updates

  • Works with all headsets that connect to PC and provide positional tracking

  • PC connection over Wi-Fi via card, dongle, integrated, or connect to router

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Open Source

Full open source hardware and software documentation will be available when the campaign goes live, and in the meantime here’s some firmware you can check out. We also plan to supply additional schematics and instructions for an easier DIY version.

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